12 Reasons Why Cats Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Girl shaking hand with Scottish cat.

Properly simply as canines are man’s greatest buddy, we discovered from the next footage that cats generally is a woman’s greatest buddy. Verify them out to see why:

1. They always have your back. Even when you’re not feeling good. Literally.

2. They love to cuddle. Oh, I wish I was a cat too… 🙂

3. They hang out with you by the pool.

4. They can match your look

5. Snuggle them all you want!

6. Or wear them as a fashionable scarf!

7. Boop!

8. They will watch Netflix marathons with you on the couch. Just like your boyfriend does! 🙂

9. They make awesome beards!

10. They photobomb your selfies masterfully!

11. They judge people on facebook together with you.

12. They protect your assets! Just like a faithful guard dog!

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