Winnie the Cocker Spaniel has some incredibly gorgeous eyes in the World!

Virtually human eyes! Only one look into these stunning eyes and you might be in love. She is so lovely!

Completely stunning.
What eyes!!!!! Very particular and distinctive.

Winnie the Cocker Spaniel has some extremely beautiful eyes – they’ve already mesmerized loads of individuals.
This beautiful canine has been in comparison with having eyes like a Disney princess, and we completely get the resemblance.

Beautiful beautiful woman!! She positively appears like a Disney pup so so cute!!

What a beautiful little sweetheart!! Lovely blue eyes!! You’re a beautiful child woman & I really like you already

She’s so candy and lovely beautiful blue eyes…! Beautiful so stunning love the attention lashes

She does have very soulful eyes what a sweetheart. She is so beautiful and people eyes are simply unbelievable.

God bless her with a contented, wholesome eyes and infants like her!!

Right here is the video of the cutiness: