Most Unique Cat Names Male

As humans, we’re all responsible for giving our pets unique and memorable names that fit their personalities and characteristics. As you can imagine, though, it’s pretty hard to come up with new ideas for cat names when you have over 15+ to choose from! To help you out, we put together this list of unique male cat names to give you a few ideas of your own.

Unique Boy Cat Names

The male cats are often a bit more difficult to name, so we turned to the Internet for help. These names may not suit all pets or personalities, but they’re unique. And that’s what matters when naming a cat.

1) Sage – because he smells good (much like cooking herbs).

2) Rascal – for the bad-tempered kitty.

3) Felix – for the nice, chubby kitty who keeps you company all day long.

4) Jigsaw – if your pet has nine lives like Jigsaw from the Saw movies.

5) Nimbus – for the fluffy white cloud of fur.

6) Rayman – for the black and white ray of sunshine in your life.

7) Moonlight – for those black cats with a beautiful silver glow about them.

8) Luna – for the black cat with one blue eye, one green eye!

9) Zoroaster – named after an ancient Persian prophet!

10) Artemisia – if you love Greek mythology and plants.

11) Bubbles: After our favorite yellow submarine, no?

12) Munchkin: As in The Wizard of Oz.

13.) Applejack: If your beloved feline is as cute as a pie!

14.) Sharky: For felines with an appetite to match their fearsome reputation!

15)) Luna Loo – because she looks just like the moon in the sky.

16) Bandit – for cats who are sneaky and always up to something sneaky, but end up making us laugh anyway.

17) Pickles – as in cucumbers!

18) Ladybug – if your furry friend looks sweet enough to eat!

19) Coco Chanel – if this little lady was nothing less than a fashion icon at only two years old.

20) Cali: Because it’s both short and easy on the tongue, just like these great examples of tough girl cat names.

21) Blade: No reason other than his sleek appearance–he does look sharp!

22) Polar Bear – Aww, I can’t think of anything sweeter than giving your kitty a cuddly teddy bear type name. Or maybe I’m just being sentimental.

23) Tiger Woods – because golfers make me thirsty! But seriously, I don’t know any tigers personally, but a tiger would be cool.

24) Alice – for her blue eyes and soft grey coat that feels like down feathers.

25) Spock – because he seems wise beyond his years.

26) Bruce Wayne – Batman! We couldn’t leave him out of the discussion! Cats are the perfect sidekick for a crime fighter.

What if your cat doesn’t have a name? Let your creative juices flow and come up with the best possible title! That way, you’ll always remember what makes your cat special.

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