The Most Unexpected, But Most Precious Cat & Bird Relationship

One day, Irna Stepanova brought a parakeet home, and hoped her 10 year old cat, Bonifazii would like the bird at least a little bit. But, she got more than that. She got her cat a best friend. And she had no idea.

Stepanova named the parakeet, Yasha. She had settled in her Chelabinsk, Russia home. Little by little she began to introduce her to Bonifazii.

“I began to let [Yasha] out of the cage,” Stepanova told The Dodo. “He flew and Bonifazii calmly watched the parrot. Then Yasha landed on the floor and met the cat.”

Since the first meeting was a success, Stepanova allowed Bonifazzi and Yasha to spend more time together.

“They play together and run around the apartment,” Stepanova said.

“The parrot flies out of the cage and immediately looks for the cat,” Stepanova said.

Now Bonifazzi and Yasha are inseparable.

Sit on my head? Of course you can!

By now, Stepanova trusts their relationship enough to leave them together by themselves.

“Whenever I’m home, the parrot cage is always open,” Stepanova said. “Bonifazii is a tolerant cat, and very gentle. I trust my cat.”

While Bonifazii and Yasha’s friendship is not what you’d expect, it’s very precious!

Bonifazzi and Yasha have most definitely proved that love knows no boundaries. Share with friends!
(h/t: the dodo)

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