This Special Cat Has 4 Ears, And A Heart Overflowing With Love

This little cat was born with four ears. He is also blind. But, he makes up for it with all the love he gives off to others.
Meet Kreacher, the 4-eared cat!

Kreacher was brought to the shelter with his two siblings (who are “normal”). Later they discovered Kreacher’s “unique-ness”.
“He has some neurological ‘slowness’, his vision impaired and, yes, has 4 ‘ears’,” Kreacher’s human, Jen Wesh, wrote.

As soon as he arrived at the shelter, the little ginger boy showed his human friends just how much he loved life. A little bit of petting was all he needed to be super happy, and begin constant purring.

He may not be able to see. But, that doesn’t stop him from inspecting all things on the desk with his heightened sense of smell.

Nope, he can’t see the magazine, but he definitely hears every time a page flips.
Needless to say, he is very curious and playful.

But, Kreacher is not the only one of his kind.
Batman the cat also share the same genetics. But, both are more lovable than ever!

One of Kreacher’s favorite things to do is cuddle with his human dad, Matthew Soden, and receive kisses from him.
In return, Kreacher is Matthew’s most loyal friend!

Kreacher is now all grown up. His second set of ears function as more of an “elongated ear flap.”
Funny enough, Kreacher loves ear scratches.

Getting petted, while sitting on his owner’s lap is heaven to him!
Five years ago, Kreacher arrived at what would be his forever home, and found and endless amount of love.
“He is spreading the word that disabled animals are just extra special all around – just as loving and deserving of good homes as any other pet.”

Although this cat isn’t your “normal” kitty, his heart is abundant and very special. Share with friends!

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