Our Morning Routine With 3 Giant Dogs A Cat And A Baby! (SO CUTE VIDEO)

Can we fit any more fluff on the bed?? Amelia is growing up during a time where we all have to stay at home but her mornings are filled with love joy and fluff! All the pets love morning time with Amelia and we have to have our cuddles before we start the day properly. Amelia is such a good baby, she goes to bed around 7.30/8pm and sleeps a whole 12 hours – no wonder she’s so happy when she gets up! She has her first kitchen in our bedroom now that she got for xmas off grandma so she likes to pretend to feed the pets first. Note how infatuated she is by Dad’s wallet, I’m sure we will catch her on the ipad ordering iggle piggle toys soon enough haha.

Watch The Video:

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