Kitten “Breaks and Enters” To Choose His New Owner

One, day a man had left his window open, and in came a little surprise. A random cat decided to do a little breaking and entering.Best part, he caught it all on camera.

“I came home from work to find…this little floof just chillin’ in my house. He must have come in through an open window,” Nigeltown wrote. “I don’t own a cat.”

When he came in he was meowing like crazy. So, the man decided to go to the grocery store and pick up some cat food for the obviously hungry kitty.

The man noticed that the cat did not have a collar on. So he went outside to search for a possible owner of this cat. But, none of his neighbors had reported a missing cat.
When the man returned to the cat, he was not happy that the man had left him alone. Clearly, the cat had chosen him to be his human. The man just didn’t know it yet.

The next day, Nigeltown (the man chosen by the cat), to the cat to see the vet. They searched for a microchip, but found nothing. But, they did find fleas and intestinal parasites. Nigeltown had his new cat vaccinated, and bought him all the necessary medication to clear up his unwelcome pests.

Once he was parasite free, he felt so much better! According to Nigeltown, when he isn’t “tearing around the place like a demon cat,” he is sitting “on or around” his newly adopted human!

Before Nigeltown got too attached to the cat, he went out and asked around his neighborhood one last time about this tabby cat. But, no one claimed him.

Since no one claimed him, Nigeltown decided to make it official! He named the cat Buddy, and decided to keep him forever!

This cat adopted his owner. He went against the norm, and it was totally worth it. Share with friends!
(h/t: iheartcats)

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