Animals That Asked People for Help & Kindness! Faith in Humanity Restored!

Animals That Asked People for Help & Kindness! Faith in Humanity Restored!


0:15 – Frogs use their skin to absorb oxygen underwater but it’s possible for it to drown if its lungs get filled with water or if there is less oxygen in water

0:51 – Saving one animal won’t change the world but surely for that one animal, it’s world will change forever

1:31 – A herd of baby elephants are saved out of a mud pit in Thailand. Its
unclear how the elephants got trapped but the rangers in the national park
still manage to rescue all 6 of them

2:18 – This squirrel isn’t moving one budge out off the street. The only way to help it out of traffic is to literally take matters into your own hands

2:59 – Even on his day off camping in the woods, it seems this vet tech just can’t stop working. To his surprise, he finds a couple of abandoned dogs in the woods that need a new home

3:26 – A stranded deer in the lake is found swimming up to a boat in Alaska and helped inside to dry off

3:57 – Shivering from the cold, this poor little pup takes warmth and shelter
inside of its rescuer’s jacket

4:29 – Firefighters descend down a 15 foot hole to retrieve a dog which had fallen in. The first responders were grateful to be a part of the happy ending as the dog was in good condition without suffering any injuries

5:48 – This kind woman helps wash a kangaroos burnt hands from a brush fire in Australia by pouring water from her water bottle

6:24 – After 6 excruciating long years, this crocodile in Indonesia could finally be set free from a motorcycle tire which wrapped around the crocodile’s neck

6:50 – Not all heroes wear capes. This gentle savior goes into the water to cut an owl free from a fishing line it was tangled in

7:19 – A deer swimming in the water boundlessly with a paint bucket stuck in its head was saved by a man passing through in his motor boat

7:59 – Being stuck in a 30 foot cave for 2 weeks is a terrible thing to experience. Once this dog was pulled out it’s tail wouldn’t stop wagging in happiness

9:21 – The hummingbird symbolizes joy, healing and good luck. It’s so
wonderful that the savior of this poor bird could find it in time before
it died

9:53 – Often, animal hoarders suffer with issues of self-neglect as well as
issues linked to child abuse. As you can see here, “Hurt people hurt
others” and the hoarder of this home left their pets neglected and alone

10:38 – At first sight of rescue this cat doesn’t go in easily. Despite having its life being threatened in the water , it wouldn’t allow the rescuers to take it in peace but eventually the mission was a success in the end

11:43 – A dog gets rescued from out beneath a deck of a house. It was a
scorching day so the dog’s savior cooled it off with some water

12:16 – Who wouldn’t take this bunny home with them? This adorable thing was lost in the woods but found hope with its rescuers

13:07 – The Australian zoo unit saves a kangaroo from a canal. The team followed the kangaroo until the exhausted animal rested its paws on the kayak

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