Emotional moment when a baby koala hugs unconscious mom during life-saving surgery

When a mother loves her children, she wields the most powerful force in the entire universe. Animal mothers are just as devoted to their offspring as human mothers. A mother is always a mother, no matter what species she belongs to. As evidenced by this adorable koala mother and her adorable baby.

A mother koala was gravely injured in an accident. But a group of rescuers came to her rescue just in time, saving her and her baby. Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital took care of Lizzie and her new baby joey, Phantom.

While the baby koala was unhurt, his mother was in severe condition because of her injuries. As a result, surgery was required to save her life.

During the procedure, 6-month-old Joey stayed by his mother’s side, which brought tears to my eyes. Keeping them together and providing comfort would be ideal for both of them, since separating them might easily traumatize them and create anxiety.

Koalas, native to Australia, tend to be solitary creatures. A mother and child are the only two people who can truly connect. Their bond is remarkable, as evidenced by the video.

Check out this heartwarming interaction in the video below!

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