Cat Goes To Beach For The First Time And Has Very Strong Opinions About It

His foster family had a litter of rescued kittens, but Pumpkin was the only orange one. Despite their initial reluctance to do so, Pumpkin and his brother Moustachio ended up being adopted. They couldn’t let them go when the time came.

A condition known as moderate cerebellar hypoplasia was detected in Pumpkin as he grew older. It hampers his coordination and depth perception, but he doesn’t let it get in the way of his travels.

He is “clumsy like a puppy,” Pumpkin’s mother, Tia (who requested that her last name not be included), tells The Dodo. “He appears to be trotting rather than running, with each of his front paws rising one at a time.”

Pumpkin enjoys spending time in nature with his family and has been known to embark on several excursions. They took him for the first time to the beach after he had been trekking and kayaking for a long time with his family.

Pumpkin was having a great time running about in the sand on the beach until the wind picked up. That’s when his family learned that the intrepid feline was not a lover of being outside in the wind.

His favorite place to go was the beach, but as Tia quickly discovered, he hated the wind. Because of the facial expressions he was making, “we were snapping photos and films.”

Pumpkin’s folks said he produced the funniest, sassiest faces they’d ever seen as the wind blew through.

“He was definitely not enjoying the wind,” they couldn’t stop giggling.

On this particular day, Pumpkin had some pretty strong feelings about the wind at the beach, and he wasn’t afraid to express them.

Pumpkin has returned to the shore numerous times since then. He still enjoys running about and having fun, but the wind is not one of his favorite things.

Pumpkin has social media accounts on FB and Instagram where you can find his updates.

H/T: The DoDo

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