These 10 Funny Cats Who Clearly Don’t Understand the Concept of Private Space!

As drastically as we love our furry mates, our cats simply don’t appear to have any form of understanding when it comes fundamental human decency. For instance, you merely don’t anticipate your coworker to all of the sudden start coughing up balls of fur or demanding to be scratched underneath the chin.

The cute cats within the photographs under have some bother realizing that they’re honing in on their people’ private area.

Fortunate factor for our cats they’re so cute!

1.) “Help me human. I haven’t eaten anything in two hours! Starvation is imminent!

2.) “Come on, human! Rub my belly. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO”!

3.) “Is we dere yet, hoomin”?

4.) “My butt is more interesting than that stupid book, human”!

5.) “Look deeply into my eyes, human. You are now under my spell! Now, go into the kitchen and get me some tuna”!

6.) “You still playing with that, human? How’s about playing with me”?

7.) “Oooops, human, I think I deleted everything”!

8.) “You don’t need an I-pad, human. I-cats are warmer and cuddlier”!

9.) “You’re doing it wrong, human. I can still smell garlic”!

10.) “Wow, I see you’re a kitty cat, too, mama”!

Go forward! It’s OK to laugh!